Hop Sauce is a concoction of instrumental groove, funk and jazz, balancing improvisation with composition and a knack for fun, tasty jams. The core trio (Jeff Cleland on bass, Chris Gamper on drums and Jono Kornfeld on guitar) has a rich history of playing together going back nearly 30 years.

Released in 2013, Hop Sauce's first CD, "Le Tasty," (with guest keyboardist Simon Rochester) features their diverse compositional prowess blended with an obvious love for in-the-moment playing and nimble improvisation.

The Brews:

The Ingredients:

Jeff Cleland: Bass
Chris Gamper: Drums
Jono Kornfeld: Guitar
Simon Rochester: Keyboards

The Recipe:

For adequate fermentation time, start about 25 years ago on the east coast. Mix Chris and Jono into a high school rock band, making sure the name is appropriately raunchy for teenagers. Let sit for about six years and have them meet again by chance in San Francisco - this time mix them into a jazz group. Wait another four years and have Jono join Jeff's band (also formed on the east coast, in nearly the same zip code), but allow the band to split up soon after. In the meantime, set Chris aside to play in a few dozen or so bands around the Bay Area. When the timer reaches 2011, have Jono's old roommate recruit just Chris and Jeff to play gigs and record an album. Simultaneously, mix Chris, Jeff and Jono together for the first time. The chemistry should now be just right for productive playing and writing sessions. At this point the ingredients begin to fuse and fermentation should be complete. Serve immediately.