Le Tasty

"So, we're making a jazz album then?" said Chris, after Jeff and Jono described the intended recording studio plan and schedule. "Yeah. Hmm. I guess we are," replied Jono. Having not thought much about the many ways recordings can be made these days, the band defaulted to the old-school route: play the tunes like in practice and on stage, only add effects that can be stepped-on (Crybaby & Mutron), deal with the inevitable imperfections in the overdub and mixdown process, and take as few days as possible.

The 10-track result bears witness to this closely followed plan. At all times you're in the room with the band amidst a carefully recorded but under-produced atmosphere swaying between tightly rehearsed transitions and spontaneous solos that will never be played the same way again. In as much each member plays his part, there is an acute sense of listening and making space, where each player's voice contributes to this four-way conversation.

The album's common denominators are groove and funk, but splashes of swing (Do You Know), extroverted bass lines (Cshnappy - yup, that's the right spelling) and lazy, behind the beat riffs (Emackadoo, Esteban and Jelly, Baby) add to the equation. There's a tad of shuffle (G'Vino), a tad of jam (Be Groove), a bit of bounce (Cascade), and an up-tempo track that celebrates the B3 (Belly Up). Rounding off the effort, the final track (The Ballad of Ms. Tyckle) only steps away from the plan ever so slightly with a few, added-later brush strokes of gentle effects to enhance its introspective mood.

Inspired by newer ideas in marketing, the band wishes to reach as many ears as possible and is offering the digital download version of Le Tasty at a pay-what-you-want price. Stream the tracks at your leisure and buy & download when the spirit moves you. A CD is forthcoming and the tracks will also soon be available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

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